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Fine Art Horse Portraiture - Scotland

More information and Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot to read here. If you would rather talk, please don't hesitate to call me and I'll address any questions you may have. 

The Investment - How much will the photography and prints cost? 

Your horse is a huge investment of your time and money, never mind

the emotional investment. Your portrait will be a stunning piece

of personalised art. The framed prints you receive are beautiful and 

printed on high quality archival paper and mounted behind non-reflective

glass. The way photography should be framed. The framed prints are artworks that will exist long after we have all departed.  A client typically spends between £600.00 and £1100.00 on the portrait shoot and prints. The minimum expenditure is £495.00.


How will my horse react to the studio set up?

From experience this is rarely a problem. However, I always allow time before the shoot to allow your horse to familiarise itself with the studio environment, camera shutter, myself and studio flash. It is recommended that you familiarise your horse with flashlight for a few days prior to the shoot. This can be done using the flash on your mobile phone.


When will I be able to view the images from the shoot?

You will receive a link to an online gallery within 7 days of the shoot. If you wish to have your initial viewing of the images in person, that can of course be arranged. A formal viewing of all the images from the shoot will then be arranged at a time convenient to you. This can be through an online gallery, a skype call or in person.


How many images will be in my online gallery?

Horses can be fickle and therefore the quantity of images you receive can vary.  From experience there are always many frames that need to be edited out from the shoot before viewing. A horse that will stand still throughout the shoot will result in a far greater variety and quantity of image to choose from.

On average you will receive 30 – 40 images to view.

When will my framed print or portfolio box be delivered?

The lead time between ordering and delivery is approximately 14 days. Full payment of any outstanding balance is required on the day of delivery.


Bridle, Halter or nothing at all?

It’s up to you. You know your horse best. My personal view is that horses looks best beautifully groomed or platted without any tack for their studio portrait session. If you have any reservations, we will discuss them beforehand. Usually we might start the shoot with tack and then remove it once your horse has settled into the shoot.   



You will always be contacted 3 days prior to any confirmed portrait session. This allows an opportunity to discuss any last minute queries you may have.  At this stage we can address any potential weather issues. If there is enough indoor space, for example a indoor school space available, the weather will not affect the shoot.  If I feel the forecast weather would have any detrimental effect of the success of the shoot, I will suggest rescheduling. This would usually be within a week of the original date.  


I hope the above information has helped. If you have any further questions or queries please don’t hesitate to call me. I am always happy to discuss your individual; needs and queries.

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